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C&J Sweeping, Inc. is proud to offer the latest in infrared asphalt repair technology and techniques.

With the infrared restoration process almost any asphalt damage can be repaired to nearly like new conditions. In addition, this can be done in a fraction of the time and much more permanently than with the conventional removal and replacement of cold asphalt.

C&J Sweeping's Infrared Repair System is Perfect for:

Paver Seams Potholes Redirecting Water Flow
Trench Repairs Utility Openings Bumps and High Spots
Man Holes Storm Drains Speed Bump Installation
Oil Spots Rough Surfaces Handicapped Ramps
Pavement Texturing Bird Baths (Puddles) Surface Cracking (Oxidation)

Infrared Patching System

C&J Sweeping is Michigan's top choice for asphalt repair!

C&J Sweeping's exclusive asphalt restoration process uses industry-leading infrared repair technology.

C&J Sweeping's Infrared Restoration Team truly creates the ultimate in asphalt repair. Our infrared restoration process can quickly repair virtually any problem with asphalt as long as the damage has not been caused by a faulty subbase. Watch the 1-minute animated repair sequence shown below. The entire process is also explained in more detail farther down the page.

Watch this 1-minute animation showing the quick, easy and PERMANENT infrared repair process used by C&J Sweeping, Inc.

60 second Process Animation

After the infrared heater has been over top of the asphalt for approximately 8 minutes, a single worker with an asphalt rake is able to rake the warm asphalt to a depth of 2-to-3 inches.

Our worker then sprays a special rejuvinator substance over the asphalt. This replaces the hydrocarbons (oil) that may have oxidized out over time. The correct amount of warm asphalt is then taken from our repair truck and spread into the repair area. Our worker then rakes the area being patched smooth and level.

As soon as the raker is finished, the area is ready to be rolled. By rolling the edges of the patched area 1st, the specialized roller fuses the new asphalt to the old, making a virtually impenetrable seem so that water cannot get into it and disrupt the patch over time.

Use of the infrared system does not disturb the sub-base, so when the patch is compacted there is little worry about the asphalt shrinking over time. Except for the dissenting color it is almost impossible to tell where the new patch has been made. The infrared process works equally well on larger areas such as utility cuts that spanned an entire roadway.

The only difference is that while one area is worked on a new area is begun to keep working with asphalt that is the right temperature. Whether we are repairing small potholes in a fast food restaurant's parking lot – or a larger asphalt repair that spans an entire highway – you can count on C&J Sweeping's Infrared Restoration Team to make a repair that will last as long as the surrounding asphalt.

Benefits and Features

There are many benefits to infrared asphalt restoration. These include:

Time... an average 5' x 7' repair takes only about 20 minutes to complete. Plus, the road can be reopened to traffic immediately.

Quality... The thermal bonding of the patch to the surrounding surface makes the repair an integral part of the pavement. No cold seam exists for water to infiltrate and cause joint failure. This also eliminates the need for 'tack-coating' the edges.

Environment... Existing asphalt is reused, leaving little-to-no waste material. This also means less handling and fewer disposal costs.

Before and After Labor... The typical infrared crew is made up of only 2 or 3 workers.

Cost... Our infrared installations are installed at prices competitive with less permanent, old-fashioned cold aphalt conventional repairs.

For a more in-depth video of C&J Sweeping's industry-leading asphalt repair technique, we invite you to view this 5-minute video on YouTube:

For a larger screen version of our 5-minute infrared YouTube-hosted repair video click here. (Opens in a new browser window.)

If you would like a current reference list for asphalt repair or any of the many other projects we handle, give us a call or use our contact form to request one.

Please let us know how we may assist you by using the 'Get A Quote' button below to request a FREE professional assessment from our management team. We'll be glad to help you in any way we can.

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